Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Six of Pentacles - A Happy Harmonious Day!

The Six of Pentacles is a card of harmony, renewal, a restoration of faith and today, for me it is a card of synchronicity that I've drawn this morning.

 The image seen depicts Daedalus on his knees in front of King Minos of Crete, who presents Daedalus with six golden coins, and is given recognition by the King, who has kept his word, and followed through accordingly with his generousity, sharing his money, and rewards Daedalus after having completed a job well done.

In this life we are not always rewarded for good behaviour. We are often punished for doing good things. Many are rewarded for behaving real bad, like certain politicians I can think of right now...starts with a T ends with a P ;) On the other hand is a heartening thing when we see those who do good,  are rewarded and to see that there is justice in the world.

The online virtual world can be a wonderful way to connect with people almost instantly, and there are many advantages. However there can also be many draw backs. Much of the time you don't always know who you are connecting with, especially when it comes to doing business, because sometimes people don't keep their word, are unkind and even cruel. It can be disheartening, disillusioning and can leave you feeling rather hopeless and cynical about the human condition..

  It's a real good thing to be hopeful toward others and especially with those whom you to do business. It's essential have faith in your own capacities, but it is also essential to have a discerning and wise perspective.

I'm happy to report my faith in humanity and life has been restored today. I have a renewed faith in my own capacity as an artist.
It's a happy harmonious day!

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