Friday, March 4, 2016

Page of Wands - Enthusiasm and Discovery

The Page of Wands is an encouraging card, full of fiery creative spirit and life, imagination, and energy all flow from a place of inspiration and to move forward with enthusiasm and discovery. It is also represents the irritable, unrealistic and restless youth, Phrixus.

This personality needs to be tempered, because the temptation could be to dive in without forethought, and there is a risk of messing the whole thing up, however risk can be a very positive thing that enables growth.

This youth often provokes others and causes problems in one's personal life and work. Here in lies the warning message, look before you leap, and think before you act.

The wisdom of age needs to comes into play. The youthful spirit may not allow for the foresight in his approach to risk, and so careful consideration is required.

As the old saying goes, pride comes before a fall and the childishness that revolves around the ego of immaturity can be the default regardless of one's biological age.

This card makes me think about a saying my mother would always say. "Youth is wasted on the young."
The positive aspect exhibited by Page of Wands points to the power of the imagination and knowing that there is much more where the initial creative idea came from.


Ellen said...

"messing the whole thing up" Oh how I would love to have the courage to mess things up instead of always trying to play it safe. :)

Unknown said...

There are positives and negatives to both messing things up and playing it safe. I've had more 'practice' at messes. Some of these messes I wished I could have a few 'do overs'. but that's not the way life works eh. They have been lessons learned I hope and I try not to stare at the past with regret. I've played it safe and few times and also wished I had another 'do over' too.

Ellen said...

Walking the middle path is harder than it seems ☺

Unknown said...

Ellen that's for sure. It's been 'interesting' wondering around seemingly aimless sometimes, but I don't want a repeat! Yes, this caused me to grow, but oh it was a little too painful. Lessons these days are a lot less painful, and I'm happy staying the course. Straight ahead Fred! ;)<3