Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Page of Swords - Are The Storms of Life Washing You Away?

The Page of Wands is blowing up a storm. This card urges us to have courage, and honesty, appealing to our higher self, in the midst of turmoil, serious trouble, or what might even seem to be the end of all things we know and love. Much like the refugees fleeing for their lives from their war torn countries.

I used to have apocalyptic dreams a few years ago about Tsunamis. I don't know why I had these dreams and can only conjecture about their meaning.

Being an optimist by nature, who can be prone to an underlining depression, which I attribute to the affects of alcoholism within my immediate family. Sometimes it's just life that can get me down, trying to make sense of why bad things happen to good people all over the world.

Lately I've been really noticing and thinking about all of the catastrophic weather that has devastated many parts of the world. Everything from recent tornadoes in Texas, to floods in the British Isles, in the States right now, and yesterday there was a mild but nonetheless, ever threatening earthquake in the west coast of Canada, where there is a fault line that exists, running all the way up from the California coast.

Last night I found myself watching you-tube and a documentary about the massive tornado that happened in Joplin, Missouri  in 2011, which was a catastrophic EF5 multiple-vortex tornado that struck late in the afternoon of Sunday, May 22, 2011. This event in the US was the biggest tornado in history since 1947.

What I was very touched by, was how the residents of Joplin immediately helped one another, how ever they could, in the immediate aftermath of this catastrophe.

Today I was also reminded of the resilience within the human spirit, when I heard again, the re-broadcast of the interview with Wendel Price  who talked about the response to Hurricane Katerina in New Orleans, which was so inspiring, in knowing that, when we feel and think all hope is lost, it's not.

We all have storms in life, whether it be of a personal nature or that of the physical kind. How we respond to these after affects can either leave us broken and defeated, or strengthened and victorious. We can help others and get our focus on recovery, by being proactive, positive, and above all, inspiring hope.

The trials and storms of life can help us to respond in a way that honours the Spirit, or a Power greater than ourselves.



Ellen said...

Although I agree that we can be inspired by the strength and resilience of human nature in times of peril, I try to shield myself from overly exposure to this kind of news. It would stir my fears an anxiety too much
PS Happy New Year my friend :)

Unknown said...

I think for me it is a matter of knowing what I can and can't cope with and having a sense of boundaries. It's a matter of self-care.
New Year's Blessings to you and yours Ellen <3