Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Hanged Man - Is Patience A Virtue?

"Patience is a virtue", is what I heard, from my grade nine geography teacher. She said it very quietly,  under her breath, but loudly enough for me to hear her. I wonder if she was saying this for her benefit or mine. It was probably for both, now that I think about it.

She was a good woman, kind, but rather at a loss as to how to manage a group of pubescent, out of control, angst ridden teenagers. I felt sorry for her. I never gave her any grief, and I think she appreciated that, but I always remembered what she said about patience.

Little did I know how true this is, and how very relevant and important it would be in my own life, as I'm certain it was in hers.

People are always waiting. We wait in lines, wait on hold, for phone calls, for kids, for parents and for patience itself.
It's something I had to practice very intently, because I was impatient. I wanted everything to happen yesterday. Particularly in relation to my recovery as an alcoholic. This was my biggest trial. I was waiting for  especially waiting for happiness, which seemed to be elusive to me.

I've learned to rest in situations, when I could potentially be very impatient. It still can be difficult for me, especially when I get frustrated. Being patient, just because, allows me to find out who I am.

The Hanged Man is about waiting and resting. Taking a step back. Chillaxing when you are mostly feeling that you live in a world that wants you to hurry up and wait. The world can also feel like it is moving to slow. Simultaneously it moves too fast, and time is passing in the blink of an eye. You can't slow down and you are never moving fast enough. This is the dichotomy of the world and of life.

The Hanged Man urges us to be patient, to rest, to take a time out to renew, restore ourselves before we move ahead, and so we can respond with clarity and discernment.

Christmas is a good time to rest, to take stock and enjoy yourself, take pleasure were you can, in spite of feeling like your life is hanging upside down.


Ellen said...

Thank you for bringing the energy of the Hanged Man to my attention. I really need this right now. Things are a little chaotic here since my SIL is living with us and I seem to forget to make space and time for me. so now I am going to my room for a while to hang upside down and renew myself :D

Unknown said...

Oh I love that, going to your room to hang upside down! LOL I'm really glad my post helps, even just a little Ellen. <3