Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Five of Cups - Are You Alone?

There she goes, running desperately behind Eros, after having shone the light of the lamp upon on him while he lay sleeping. Eros awoke and fled once his identity was revealed. It had been forbidden to do this, as there was an unspoken agreement to simply remain in love with an image of love.

Psyche has now lost her love, is left alone after this betrayal, causing her great regret and remorse. However all is not lost and there still is something that remains. This can be creatively worked on, being a challenge and commitment to the future.

Many of us like Psyche desperately pursue what it is we think we want and the more we pursue the more elusive it becomes and the farther away it escapes our grasp. We are left alone, and left to our own devices.

Yesterday I drew the card Nine of Pentacles, examining the call of the soul, or returning to ourselves, and resting in a intended solitude. The Five of Cups goes deeper into what it really means to be alone, how our emotion and intuition comes into play.

Originally the meaning of alone, consisted of two words, all one, which meant to be wholly one,  related to intentional solitude. In ancient days solitude or the all one state once was palliative, preventative, and a way of listening to the inner self, and used as an oracle, a way to call up the soul, take a personal inventory and assessment our lives. It is the way we draw our soul strength.

 In other words having a sense of unity and wholeness within ourselves, that truly understands, we are never truly alone. We have an innate need as human beings to feel a communion with the goodness of the universe. We live in the world, but are not of this world, and are simply pilgrims passing through.

 We need to wear the world as a loose garment. Our sense of self, emotional stability, and happiness is not dependent on something, someone, or some place outside of ourselves. If we deem people, places and things to dictate or control our happiness we will find ourselves unhappy..

Psyche represents the soul. It is what the word means, soul. The soul implicitly points to how vital it is to understand how we are souls clothed in physical bodies. We are human beings of course, but first and foremost we a spiritual beings deeply connected to a power greater than ourselves. 


Ellen said...

I love being alone and I genuine feel whole when I am with myself. I need this like oxygen but feeling lonely is quite different and during this Holiday feelings of loneliness have a way to wrap around my soul

Unknown said...

I'm with you Ellen. I identify with your way of thinking. Christmas for me is a time for me to really count my blessings and not concentrate on the positive and that can be a challenge, because there is a lot of hurt out there in the world right now.

But like I said in my post it is a hard time for so many more than people think or acknowledge. If we are aware of this and acknowledge our own feelings, seems to make is easier.

Our small village is soon expecting a family of refugees from Syria and so this will be a great time of gratitude. In four weeks we raised over 10,000 dollars and have two house donated free of charge!