Saturday, December 19, 2015

Page of Swords - Not Thinkin' Right?

Sometimes we can think too much, especially if we have a lot of time on our hands, and are tending to live in our heads. We just ain't think' right. Going for a long walk, doing something physical, or creative, can clear our muddled thoughts, and get those the cob webs clean out of our mind.

This Mythic Page of Swords is embodied in the mythic figure of Zephyrus. Caught up in a west whirlwind, blowin' the bejesus clouds out of his way, and making clouds of his own. The West Wind is actually coming from his own mouth, which can mean, he has a propensity for gossip or might be the victim of gossip. This indicates his immaturity and unbridled nature. He stirs up the elements, though he calms down later on once he meets the love of his life. In the mean time, he has some good ideas and lots of energy which needs to be positively nurtured and channeled, otherwise he can be his own worst enemy.

I can relate to this card today. I've been spending too much time in my head lately, so I started a creative project to help channel my energy, and give my brain a kind of meditative time out. I've been making baskets again which is a very nurturing activity.


Ellen said...

That's exactly why I've taken up knitting and crochet! :D

Unknown said...

Lol That's great Ellen! A great way to get in the zone!