Monday, April 28, 2014

Three of Wands - Initiative

I've noticed four out of five of the Minor Arcana cards I've drawn over the past week have been all the suit of Wands. This caused me to notice and realize, I am partial to Wands (Rods), as I strongly identify with what they represent, action, energy, ideas, creation and expression of spirit. Being an artist I particularly love that last description , expression of spirit.
Wands symbolize spiritual consciousness, intuition, inspiration, determination, and strength, all characteristics needed to be reflected in the core of your being. They address what motivates and energizes us.

Like all the Threes in the Minor Arcana, represent the beginning stage of completion. Everything is coming together but there is still more hard work ahead, perhaps more work that was first anticipated. In order to take further action, you may have to take a gamble or the idea cannot be realized.

Many folks are great at beginning ideas and projects. They maybe good at endings as well. But they miss all the hard work, and effort required in between the start and finish for a number of reasons. Enthusiasm and creative energy must be applied from start to finish. This is an important lesson to learn and to actualize in your life.

One of the best experiences I had growing up was to have had the opportunity to work voluntarily on a farm. I learned the value of hard work, and got the satisfaction of a job well done. I learned through growing things you reap what you sow. I knew I loved being country, and digging into good earth, but I had to take the initiative, follow through and then the harvest came. I attribute this experience as being the reason I bought my house in the country 20 years ago, and I have never regretted it. This year I am happy to say my mortgage will finally be paid off. It was with a great deal of hard work and sacrifice, but it has been so worth it.

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