Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ace of Swords - Success!

Swords represent the intellectual side of life, will and action, where reason prevails over emotion. Swords cuts through muddled thought, and brings clarity. Order and justice rule, leading to abundance and prosperity.
Success in attaining your goals is ahead. An intellectual breakthrough is made. It's an aha moment and there may be a discovery, or even the publication of a book.

Here we see Athene, goddess of Justice, and this Minor Arcana card, like all Aces heralds a burst of raw energy, that gives a new perspective on the world. This new world view and perspective can create conflict. When we change our outlook and behaviour, this often upsets the apple cart where others are concerned, as they may not respond favourably. You may be full of enthusiasm and energy to embrace a new lifestyle, however others may feel their lifestyle, and the old order is going to be affected, and threatened, which creates conflict. Do not loose heart, as there is and can be a resolution with a strong heart, mind and will.

You may have found you want to pursue a change in career, or relationship. Perhaps you are considering moving to a different country, or residence. You might even have decided to return to school at a mature age, but, there may be negative reactions from the very people you love, and that love you.

 One may assume, that you can be confident in thinking, because family and friends love you, and that they would, and should be supportive; this unfortunately is often not the case, in many situations. especially with friends and families. This is the double edged sword, that the Ace of Swords presents, and you better be prepared for some quarrels, and disputes. I will reiterate, success is your's with a strong heart, mind and will.

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