Monday, April 21, 2014

Eight of Pentacles - Apprenticeship - The Circle of Courage

 An apprentice must work hard at practicing his or her skill to learn their trade. It helps immeasurably if you are a quick study like the individual in the Eight of Pentacles. Advancement of your craft happens with conscientious effort and old fashioned hard work. The new ventures presented to you, will be rewarded through all your care, effort and dedication. Perfectionism is not the goal, but progress.

We all reach a stage in life often referred to as, a mid-life crisis. This juncture in life can be navigated successfully if we are willing to be open to new challenges, and work hard at learning, to acquire new skills.  
Life long learning accompanied with a positive and optimistic attitude, can not only improve our quality of life but can increase our life span as well. We can learn from one another.

I found out many years ago, the definition of what a skill is. First, someone takes time to demonstrates the skill to us. Then we attempt the skill, and follow this up, by disciplined regular practice, if we want to develop, and master the skill. I believe developing and learning a skill, regardless of our age, can lead us to a greater sense of well being and health as whole human beings.

It takes courage sometimes to change course and take on the challenge of a new skill, particularly one you know nothing about. You are not alone. There are many folks out there that have done or are doing just that. Seek them out, and find others who are like minded in following their passion. You will find a sense of belonging, community and fellowship. You then can in turn, be an example to another and help some one else learn something new,sharing with them what you have learned.

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