Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ten of Wands - Obstacles and Struggles

The Ten of Wands is the card of obstacles and struggles and biting off more than you can chew. The feeling of being burnt out, because of taking on too much responsibility.

 Exercise is an important tool to prevent stress and can release the pressure. Our physical health affects all other aspects of our life, the emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves all come into play here. We need to relax and take time out to care for ourselves. Self-care is not selfish, otherwise we will feel the weight and oppression of being overburdened, which will directly effect our relationships etc. It is impossible to feel creatively inspired or free to express ourselves, when we are in this stifled state.

I've had fridge and oven issues today. I finally figured out my oven problem and managed to get my bread into bake after an hour or so of fiddling with the fuses. Not high up on the grand scale of things that are really stressful, but I felt this way today and this was added to my stress of last night, when I had fallen in my bedroom. I had a large heater that should have been removed, as it was cluttering my bedroom and so I tripped on it and I came crashing down onto the floor. I had a few bumps and abrasions. More than anything, my ego was a little shocked and bruised.

Many of us can cope with the major events and the big struggles of life. It is the little stresses and annoyances of life that can drive us crazy, if we let them. And so it goes.

 A good friend who is an elder, and a lovely woman who has read Tarot Cards for probably 40 years, suggested to me, that if I wanted to clear or cleanse my deck, that I put them in the fridge. This is what she has done over the years, she said. Well, I don't know why, or how she ever decided that this was a good idea, and I am not sure why I thought, what the heck, maybe she knows something I don't, so I'll give it a go.

After my bread had finally baked, I wanted to get busy with posting on my Tarot blog, and thought I'd draw a card from my Mythic Tarot deck to write about. When I went to do this, my deck was no where to be found. I usually keep the cards in a special box wrapped up in a cloth on my kitchen table.When I went retrieve my deck, it was simply no where to be found, and it sure was not where I was certain it would, or should normally be.

It must have been close to two hours I was searching all over the house, looking in the most unlikely places for my cards. I'd even gone outside to look in my car.

I thought I would just forget about finding them. I knew they had to be somewhere. I was beginning to get frustrated, being at a complete loss as to where on earth they could be. I was clueless, and was asking myself, how could this have happened?
It was  now getting close to supper time, and found myself looking into the freezer compartment, only to find my Tarot Cards sitting safely in the freezer, staring back at me. I swear, I could almost imagine them having a good laugh, and mocking me saying, How could you be so dumb as to put us in here! Get us out! We're freezing!
 Of course I immediately realized I'd completely forgotten I had placed them in the freezer compartment of my fridge yesterday. Needless to say, I won't be doing that again! Whether the cards were cleansed or clear, I don't know, but my head was muddled and confused having wondered for hours what could have possibly happened to them. They seemed to have mysteriously disappeared from the house.

Commencing to write this blog post, it got me thinking about superstition and myth surrounding Tarot cards and readings.

I am not a superstitious person at all. There are many superstitions and myths, when it comes to Tarot Cards. For instance, here is a list of some of them I have heard of, and know.

1. The deck you use should be given to you. This is balderdash. I have three decks, two I purchased. It so happens the third was given to me by a friend, because he didn't have any use for the deck, as he didn't read Tarot Cards. I use it because I like it. There is something to be learned I believe by whatever Tarot deck you use. I actually draw on all of my decks for card meanings, and the readings I do for individuals.

2. Stick your Tarot Cards in the freezer to clear or cleanse them from, lets call it past readings residue. I would suggest, this is going to do nothing. I can personally attest, if you choose to put them in the freezer, just don't forget them, or you will spend hours searching the house, top to bottom, looking in the most unlikely, and ridiculous places for them, or you may even suspect someone has entered your house and stolen them! Of course you could report it to the police, but they'd more than likely be of the opinion you were off your nut.

3. Wrap your Tarot Deck in silk and put them in a oak box. This is not important or necessary. I have mine wrapped in a cloth, and in a cloth box, or decorative wire box where I have my regular deck. It is simply important you respect and take good care of your cards, so they don't get dirty and ruined from misuse. It's a good thing to develop a familiar relationship with the cards.

4. No Tarot card reader should be predicting physical death. Many people are fearful of the Death Card. It does not signify death. It does represent going from one phase into another, a transformation, a major change or renewal of sorts. There is a termination of an unendurable situation.
The ethics of Tarot reading  and readers is to " do no harm ".

5. Reading Tarot cards is not fortune telling, nor does it predict the future, and I have no crystal ball!
These are just a few I have come across. I'm sure people have heard of other superstitions and falsehoods about Tarot cards and readings. I would be interested in learning about any that my readers might be familiar with regarding Tarot cards. I'd love to hear from you! Please share your comments.

In the mean time my friends, when you find yourself over whelmed by obstacles and struggles remember this quote.

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