Saturday, April 12, 2014

Page of Wands - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Page of Wands in the Minor Arcana makes me think of the old proverb, don't hide your lamp under a bushel.

This card indicates that you should let your voice be heard, don't be shy and speak up! Don't allow others put out your fire, your creativity, ideas, and efforts. Surround yourself with those who nurture, and are supportive of your imagination.

You may find that yourself at odds with some folks, as they could interpret your restlessness and irritability as nothing but notions, when it is simply the fragile beginnings of an emerging creative spirit.

 Pages are messengers and the Suit of Wands ( Rods) symbolize action, energy, growth, ideas, creation and expression of spirit.

The card can represent a young, lively person, full of ideas, who may be an intern or an apprentice. This card shouts the message that good news is on the way, and let your light shine!

Too many of us often have our imagination and creative spirit squelched at a young age and even into our adult life. This not only happens within families, but it happens in our educational system, which makes the world and society a poorer place to live.

We are all born with a creative spirit and imagination. It is a God given gift, and we should all do whatever we can, to develop and nurture it within ourselves, and others, and especially with and for our children.

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