Monday, April 14, 2014

Five of Cups - All Is Not Lost!

This card, the Five of Cups can represent some of the most difficult obstacles in our personal life, particularly in regards to our relationships, that are tested over time, and there are often regrets over past actions relating to betrayal. Not intentional betrayal of another necessarily, but toward one's self, and being honest.

It feels like we have lost absolutely everything we love, dreams have been unfulfilled, our hearts are completely broken, and we wear the cloak of mourning, as if there has been a death.
We say to ourselves " If only..."

The Five of Cups can look like a very bleak card, full of despair. Psyche who has betrayed Eros, desperately runs after her. The four cups are spilled on to the floor, but the fifth cup remains full and standing. But Psyche takes no notice. The full cup represents, all is not lost, if we take up the challenge and commit to making a brighter future.

Depending on our attitude towards our circumstances, struggles and difficulties we find ourselves in at present, it can feel impossible to see the lessons, to be gleaned from the situation. We can become myopic, and can't see the forest for the trees. We may find ourselves in denial about what has happened, getting caught up in our sadness, and trouble hearts. We don't see what there is to be grateful for, and there is to be learned. The cup isn't half full, it is full.

We can rise from the ashes as a stronger individual, having an attitude of gratitude. This make all the difference in our happiness.

Loss, tragedy, and heartbreak can give us insight, and even epiphanies. These can give us experience, strength and hope, that we can share with to others. Solutions hide in our obstacles. This has truly been my own experience.

Today all too frequently, people are either rushing into relationships or trying to get out by running away. We often don't slow down, and reflect on our lives long enough, to take an inventory of ourselves, to figure out what it is we really want, or need. Too often we want what we can't have, or don't want what we have, and then wonder why happiness seems to elude us, instead of appreciating and accepting, what we do have. Certainly if I am not happy within myself, we will never be happy with another, regardless of my circumstance.

We all experience loss in our lives. Some people experience more than their fair share of loss, but they are able to overcome, and they inspire others through their example, turning their weakness into strength.

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