Monday, February 2, 2015

Strength - Courage - Fortitude

Many of us have days when we feel weak within ourselves emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We can find some guidance and reassurance in the Strength card, that will hopefully enable us to overcome what it is we struggle with life. Strength urges us to respond with our heads and not our hearts, exercising restraint. Courage and fortitude is what will bring about a healing successful outcome. When this 'weakness' continues over long periods of time, we need to reach out for help.

There are many circumstances that can make us feel so over whelmed and vulnerable.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is one of the most common difficulties that can render people seemingly helpless.We can reach the jumping off point. We are afraid to live, afraid to die, and even contemplate suicide as being the only solution.

PTSD is such a common and very misunderstood mental health issue for so many of us, and it can be very difficult to ask for help or find the right kind of counselor.  Many of our loved ones and friends do not understand or know how to help us. Compassion and education is the key, and we need to stop the silence and stigma associated with having mental illness.

I understand this all to well, as I have had many loved ones that suffered with mental illness and I have myself struggled with addiction, depression, anxiety over the years, until I found 12 Step recovery.

I understand that this topic is a heavy one, that many of us rather not talk about, and want to avoid. Silence isolates, and isolation kills.
But there is life affirming hope, and it is vital that we be proactive regarding mental health especially through education, and talking openly with courage and fortitude.


Ellen said...

I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was 16 years old. Doctors call it chronic now. I am doing fine for now but the darkness is always near. In that darkness I started to befriend my lion instead of battling it. Although it is a difficult life it has made me strong and persistent keep going
It is not something I talk about easily but as you've said silence isolates

Unknown said...

Thank you for you open heart Ellen. I found out about this young Nova Scotian man over the past few days. So touching, I think you will relate.

thesycamoretree said...

As someone with a family member who suffers with severe anxiety and depression, I could relate well to that poem. Outsiders constantly comment on and question "why hasn't she..." or "you should push her to..." As if they could somehow pull themselves up by their bootstraps. It is hard on those who deal with mental health issues and those who support them. There is just so much misunderstanding out there.

Unknown said...

It is really quite shocking how so many don't understand and judge. It's why I am so passionate about speaking up, I've seen this one too many times, even in the medical field where you would expect there would be those who would understand...NOT! They are those who never have never experienced mental illness themselves, or been affected by it in someway with friends, family or others. But I think it is a also a great lack of patience, compassion, and education. If these folks ever find themselves in this situation of being affected by mental illness maybe, just maybe then they will begin to really understand.