Sunday, February 1, 2015

Brigit-Dagda-The Emperor

 I am biased, I admit it. I am a believer of the goddess. I don't think of the Creator as gender specific. I didn't always hold this view, but my opinion has evolved, especially now I am a crone. I feel very comfortable with my own perceptions and stage of life. I do I look to the goddess for wisdom, but I know there is wisdom to be found within in all creation. The principles of the father and mother are equally as important to me. I also feel a very strong affinity with Celtic traditions because they are a deep part of my inherited identity from my Gaelic ancestors. Bagpipes and the fiddle can be spiritual experience for me!

Imbolc is the Celtic pagan festival celebrating the beginning of Spring, and the Celtic mythological fertility goddess Brigit, held on February 1st, which is approximately halfway between Winter Solstice, and the Spring Equinox. This is a uplifting thing to know right now because we are about to have a big snow storm with thin the next day.
The festival of Imbolc is still widely celebrated, ever since ancient times throughout Ireland, Scotland, and The Isle of Man, when Brigit is invoked to protect homes and livestock. She is considered the triune goddess, with attributes of the Poet, Healer and Smith. The house hold fire is sacred to Brigit. She is both sage and a woman of wisdom.

No one is above the goddess Brigit, but her father Dagda, similar to the Emperor, who embodies Zeus, King of the gods, and is also called All-Father.
Following the wisdom of the goddess is in part, a reclaiming and finding that forgotten sacred relationship
with the goddess within myself.

Brigit - Image John Duncan


Ellen said...

I fully agree with you with regard to being biased. For me every goddess is an aspect of the Genderless Divine. For Now I feel very close to Brigid but that can change over time. I love her many aspects which makes her such an all encompassing Goddess
Blessed Imbolc Catherine :)

Unknown said...

I really love your comment about every goddess being an aspect of the Genderless Divine Ellen.
Brigit is encompassing I love that also. To me she is much like the Empress.

Blessed Imbolc Ellen <3