Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seven of Pentacles - The Highest Virtue & Mummenshanz

I have been teaching an art program at our local school called PAINTS with an impressive group of little artists in grades 3 to 5. They never seize to just amaze me. They are full of insightful vision and absorb and they retain so much, like little sponges. Yesterday we had lots of fun making art and talking about masks, generousity and empathy. 

The Seven of Pentacles brings generosity and to mind. When we offer generousity to one another we ultimately decide how to respond to it and understand what motive is intended. If our response and intentions are pure I don't think we need to concern ourselves with this. We simply accept the gifts offered and say thank you, our we give without any thought of getting any thing in return. We give, simply to give.

Generousity in and of itself is the highest virtue. This of course does not always mean that the gifts given or received are material ones. These gifts can be in the form of kindness, listening to another with our hearts, showing understanding, compassion and empathy.
This is a card of faith, profit, vision and of investment.

When we have faith and vision, it enables us to invest in the highest virtues of generousity, and empathy.

Many years ago in the 80s in Toronto, I studied Commedia dell'Arte. This involved Mime and mask making  for a year, I found out about this incredible Mime and Mask Theatre group from Switzerland called, Mummennshanz. I shared this video with the kids yesterday. They wanted to watch it twice they enjoyed it so much.


Ellen said...

I always loved the frankness and sincerity of young children and also the freedom they still have to make art fromthe heart. When did we lose this and when did we start to believe the gras is always green and the sky is always blue
You are so privileged to guide these young kid in thier creative development

Unknown said...

As Picasso said we are all born as artists, the trick is to remain this way.

It's driven out of us unfortunately because it's not considered important in society. If parents nurture creativity their children are creative.

I truly do consider myself blessed to be working with this little artists Ellen. They bring me so much joy, wonder and keep my little Catherine young! I love to see the look on their faces when I tell them they are artists.