Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Three Of Pentacles - The Strawberry Moon

The Three of Pentacles, a celebratory card is a well suited draw today with this first Full Strawberry Moon in June of Summer.

Though I'm not one to celebrate Canada Day, I'm grateful to be Canadian, and I'm sure there will be many celebrations on this long weekend ahead.

Every where there have been graduation celebrations, proms and the end of the school year, which for some, is a bitter sweet time, seeing our children spreading their wings, flying the nest, when we just wish they'd slow down..

When the Strawberry Moon arrives, we can look forward to enjoying fresh sweet strawberries as this is where the Strawberry Moon gets it's name. Sometimes called the Hay Moon for the first harvest of hay or referred to as the Rose Moon when the first bloom of roses arrive.

I didn't grow strawberries this year, but first thing this morning I motored to town in my new to me motor car, and purchased a hanging strawberry plant and some other garden delights to adorn my flower garden out in my front door yard.

June is a month of Birthdays and tomorrow I will help celebrate two of my dearest friends Birthdays.

The Strawberry Moon is a time when Indigenous woman spiritually cleanse themselves. It's a great time to get our lives uncluttered.

It's a time to celebrate who we are, reflect on our dreams, happiness and success. So go ahead, celebrate Summer and allow yourself the harvest of those sweet strawberries and reap the rewards of your hard work. There is much to be grateful for and more work ahead to come.