Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Queen of Cups - Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional intelligence is what the Queen of Cups possesses. She follows her intuitive, open heart before her intellect, and drinks deeply from the cup of life. Her emotional generousity defines her very loving nature. I wish more of us could be like the Queen of Cups.

Having emotional intelligence it has been said, is valued  by society. The reality is, it is not the primary manner in which the world is run, politically or socioeconomically. You don't have to look very far to see that we live in a world very lacking in this kind of intelligence. Governments in the Western world mostly provide lip service to the real needs of the individuals who are living with poverty, homelessness, mental illness, abuse, and a long list of other difficulties that so many struggle with everyday. I may sound jaded, but I am simply being realistic. Regardless I can certainly think of individuals who exhibit the character traits and values of the Queen of Cups, that I greatly admire, but still there are not enough of them. People who live life the way the Queen of Cups does I believe are seen as naive, foolish and fool hearty, leaving themselves open to being taking advantage of, headed for heartbreak, and nothing but folly. Living life drawing from emotional intelligence should not be equated with not using your intellect.

Reality is not all based on rational thought and concrete facts. There is much to learn from this beautiful Queen that we can all develop and deepen in our own inner lives and the depths of our souls.

One of the best books I ever read about rational and irrational thought  was Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance  by Robert Persig  as it changed my perception and my thought.


Ellen said...

I love this queen. In the Chrysalis Tarot she is the Watcher, a wise old crone who shares her wisdom freely and is there for you when you need her:)
I think as long as Money is God there will always be a great lack of emotional intelligence

Unknown said...

"I think as long as Money is God there will always be a great lack of emotional intelligence." Is that ever true! 'He who has the gold rules', come to mind. I really love what I have seen of the Chrysalis Tarot.
I need to get myself to the city or order a few new decks online! <3