Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Four of Swords - Making Time To 'Chillax'

The Four of Swords was a welcome card this morning, signifying a time for rest, relaxation and some serious chillaxin'. I am more than ready for that, to take a mental break of sorts from myself and my thoughts. It is a great feeling to be back painting again, because I never feel right when I can't seem to get to it, and at it. I don't feel myself and I am off kilter. Now that I've got my groove back, I really can relax and channel my creative energy.

 As adults, we often get bogged down with trying to navigate life, we can get too busy being a grown-up and forget to play and just have fun. Making art should be fun. Or for that matter any work that we do should be at least enjoyable, if not always fun.

Taking time to relax allows for reflection and recuperation to build up strength in reserve in preparation for future efforts and to put order into our lives. But Instead of taking time, I really need to make the time, and make it a priority in order to gain some serenity after the storm.

The Four of Swords coincides with the New Super Moon in Aquarius, which started yesterday. It is a time of having new energy, beginnings and fresh starts, a time of rebirth and growth. Clear intentions, being honest with myself, releasing my ego, and letting go of self-sabotage is a good foundation for the life I want.


Ellen said...

Thank you for inspiring me. Feeling a bit in a creative slump myself. Playing is always the answer so this is what I am going to do: slap some paint on the page and don't worry about the result :D
Yah, for New moon energy!!

Unknown said...

Really? Oh how good to know that Ellen. Thank you <3 Well you also inspire me!
I certainly understand how in creating art I can very easily get caught up in the final outcome as opposed to simply getting pleasure and great enjoyment, even fun from the process instead. Doing a drawing exercise with your eyes closed that always helped me, like drawing a room, say your bedroom from memory; or doing a contour drawing, say a portrait, with one continuous line without looking at the page you are drawing on, or not taking your pencil off the page.