Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Five of Pentacles - Letting Go

The Five of Pentacles always reminds me of Persephone descending the staircase to the underworld, certainly not a fun journey, but it's not all bad either.

Daedalus isn't going to the underworld. He's however in a very dark place in his mind and spirit, wrestling with forces somewhat beyond his control, and let his ego get in the way making some really bad decisions, that has lead him here.

Things may look dismal, and foreboding but the moon is lighting his path and all is not lost. It's in his power to change his attitude and to look inward for guidance to provide him with discernment, in order to make the right decision. Indecision and is also a decision, and often waiting is the best choice until the way becomes clear.

Pentacles indicates a financial loss that presents a very difficult situation, possibly causing us to have a loss of faith in ourselves. Letting go, forgiving ourselves, and preparing to start over is the best way to get our bearings again.

What is necessary is to take inventory of how we contributed and exacerbated the problem. Then we can re-orientate ourselves on an financial level and on an inner one.    


Ellen said...

Often I feel this card is also talking about lack of time and energy. Prioritizing becomes a must if we want to recover from this.

Unknown said...

So nice to hear from you Ellen! I've missed you.

That's a good point Ellen.
Well I know how disheveled I can feel when I'm obsessing or preoccupied mostly with worry. Time seems to either go to fast or not fast enough and my energy is pretty messed up too!
But we'll never be perfect so I try to forgive myself for being out in orbit!