Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Seven of Pentacles - Feminine Creativity Vs Masculine Creativity

I've been re-reading my book The Heroine's Journey, thinking and learning whole lot more about my creative purpose and about business.

Daedalus, who is no doubt full of masculine creativity and seen here being propositioned by Queen Pasiphae in the Seven of Pentacles.

When we are offered an opportunity, be it in love or business there are always hard decisions to make that will enable us to either earn and keep our autonomy, or result in us compromising our beliefs, disregarding our dreams and maybe even our soul. We have to decide if we will take the safe path, or the one that takes risk and inspires.

Taking the safe path, so as to not put our financial security at risk or to not threaten some other kind of status-qou can initially appear to be advantageous, but in the long run we will live life feeling unsatisfied,  unfulfilled, unhappy and lost. Whatever we decide to do, monetary gain, ego gratification or power should not be the sole motivation.

Finding our creative purpose will not be revealed on the safe path, but will be found in the creative feminine that allows things to happen naturally.

It is said that "where masculine creativity tends to move forward, feminine creativity tends to turn round on itself, not circularly so much as spirally."

My creative purpose in life, like the heroine's journey is not something that's forced, and I must trust the mystery of this manifestation.

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