Tuesday, February 16, 2016

King of Swords - 'The Wily One'

This has been a week full of swords. My fourth day of drawing this suit. Yesterday I drew the Eight of Swords but didn't get around to posting, which is a card of bondage through fear.

Today brings me the King of Swords and the mythic figure of the the hero Odysseus who's intellectual authority and principles remind us to use reason over emotion and to not allow ourselves to be dictated by emotion and irrational thought. He urges us to act with foresight, cleverness, strategy, guile and determination to reach our goal.

The King of Swords may be cunning, artful, crafty and smart, but not necessarily wise. Wiliness needs to be tempered with intuited emotion, and wisdom, because the King of Swords in sometimes lacking in depth of feeling and can have a tendency to be dissociated with emotion necessary to be empathetic. In other words, trust your gut and be wise.

As a creative person it is essential for me to always be willing to question authority and to really listen to my own inner voice of authority. This may not be immediately apparent, but I need to be patient and trust that insight and discernment will be given.

Overcoming  fear means to be able to look fear in the face and traverse that road less traveled, and to be our own hero or heroine.

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