Sunday, August 9, 2015

Three of Pentacles - I Forgot What I Was Supposed To Remember

I believe human beings have an innate wisdom in their soul, but only need reminding of what they've forgot. This is what the Tarot does in many ways.

I drew this card yesterday. I thought I'd pass on posting it, as I wanted to update my other blog, 

So, I was ready to draw another card for today. Guess what? I drew the Three of Pentacles again. A card that was insisting in being in the lime light! No, that's not true. I am anthropomorphizing my cards, I know. Tarot cards do however prod, prompt and sometimes give us a push forward, to remind us stop our worrying, and get actively engaged in life as opposed to being a bystander. Action is always the best antidote to worry.

Drawing the Three of Pentacles the last two days is a reality check, as much as I might not want to be reminded. The message is, that I can't wait for motivation or inspiration. I simply need to start and the rest will follow.


Ellen said...

It is so had to just start when you are not inspired. But I see beginning often as a warming up for the real work. Making some marks, putting some paint on the canvas which you will know, wont; be visible in the end, Just play and have fun and before you know it, you are WORKING!!!

Unknown said...

Definitely Ellen,
So many of us get caught up in the final output a loose site of the process and how it works.
I'm ok now and back on track. I have a show coming up next week, was getting my underwear in a bit of a knot, putting way too much pressure on myself. I can stand it when I do this. It looses the fun/pleasure factor. The most important part of creativity!