Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hierophant - Come Out of Your Cave

This Major Arcana card, The Hierophant is one that causes me to reflect, which I do a lot of anyway,  however the kind of reflection this card symbolizes, is urging more than the kind of introspection that is your stereotypical navel gazing, or even meditation. It calls for us to examine not only our relationship with our spiritual selves, but also our interconnection and interdependence with others and within the world of  community.

It also calls for us to have a deeper broader vision, both inward and outwardly, so that we figure out a way to reach out to our fellow sisters and brothers, to make the world a better place. Expecting to stay isolated and happy within the safety our cave is unrealistic.

When I first came into recovery 21 years ago, I only felt really happy when I was inside the rooms of recovery. I felt safe and I knew that I belonged. People "got me", and that's why 12 Step programs work, we understand one another.

 Reality and living daily life was and is difficult. I was living and studying on working horse farm everyday, with a small group of people and I had to learn how to cope without running away through the use and abuse of alcohol. I had to find the strength to cope with each person, and whatever was happening around me in an unusual and very challenging environment, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where my recovery really counted, and if it was going to work I had to learn how to approach living in the world. I couldn't stay inside the safe and rather utopic environment in my imagination.

I learned to forgive and accept, to love, and to be compassionate toward myself, and toward others. I was able to develop my own personal philosophy, an individual vision that guides me like Chiron the centaur, the healer, priest and wise teacher that urges us, and I came out of my cave.


Rose said...

Thank you for sharing so generously of yourself here, Catherine. It's always moving to hear how a person's ability to embrace their humanity is so much a part of unfolding into the wholeness that is our birthright. Blessings on your continued journey.

Unknown said...

Thank you Rose for your kindness.