Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Eight of Wands - Release Creative Energy After Anxiety and Struggle

The Eight of Wands depicts very turbulent seas surrounding Jason's ship the Argo while dolphins play, and jump midst the foaming waves. They are happily accompanying the Argonauts as if guiding, protecting and perhaps even coming to rescue them along the journey.

Dolphins in Greek culture, are see as being rescuers of humans. They like to bring things to the surface, and there is strong evidence that they do actually rescue people in danger.

This card causes me to think about the importance of play, fun and pleasure in order to live a more creative, balanced and harmonious life. For me life it is also about having a balance between these three things, humility, humour and humanity.

It is easy to loose sight of being in tune with our intellect and our instinct. There is a tendency for us to get so caught up in the crazy making storms in our lives we can get too busy and serious about life. We can lose or way. Approaching life with gentleness, peace, humor and joy will give us a deep inner strength that will help us to release that creative energy after anxiety and struggle.

When It Flows It Flows - Artist Jonas Gerard

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