Friday, August 7, 2015

The Star - Don't Be Decieved

The Star,  is such a bright happy image yes, and don't be deceived, Pandora's box has been opened and out fly spites of swarming pestilence that has been released into the world, and can't returned to the box. All manner of troubles and sorrows have suddenly been loosed. Pandora doesn't seems phased by all this and looks upward in hopeful anticipation with faith and trust that there is still so much beauty and goodness in the world. She believes there is always hope for the hopeless.

I seldom draw this card. In all my daily draws over the years, this is the fourth time it's come up. Perhaps that's a good thing because it makes me more appreciative of the beauty in The Star and it is consistent with my recent posts that explore the feminine, intuition and reclaiming the Feminine Divine. It reminds me of the Wild Woman that exists in all women. Unlike Eve who is seen as sinful, and impure, Pandora is innocent, pure of heart and hopeful. She knows in her bones she will survive all that has been unleashed yes and she will thrive not in spite of, but because of the very things that would destroy her. Pandora is becoming stronger than ever, loving life even more, with an open mind, spirit, and a trustful heart.



Ellen said...

Hope is beautiful feeling which we cannot live without in this world. Sometimes I wonder if hope and faith are interchangeable with each other??

Unknown said...

I believe the awareness of the challenges in the present moment for me have to be approached with courage, faith, and hope. Reason comes with faith and then when reason no longer has anything to offer, faith takes over. Without faith or hope, we settle for too little I think. A life without problems is more of a hopeless one I think, and not so rational.