Monday, August 31, 2015

Nine of Swords - A Still Small Voice

About six of the cards in the Suit of Swords are rather menacing and threatening imagery. The Nine of Swords included, as we see the Orestes being aggressively confronted by the Furies above his head.

We can easily drive ourselves doololly listening to all the voices surrounding us. These voices can exist in our own mind, that are more often than not negative, or we are absorbing every opinion, except our own true inner voice. We can feel consumed, confused, and overwhelmed.
Worry, guilt, and fear about the past, and the future can rob us of our happiness in the present. This is crazy making at it's worst.

So how do we connect to that inner voice in order to find the path we need or want to take?

I have to get calm and find quiet. I need to strip away all the extraneous people, places, and things that hinder my ability to make these decisions. Then I need to not simply find the time to withdraw, I need to take the time to get quiet in order to listen to the still small voice.

I was a many years finding this inner voice. I was suffering from had what I know as, a hole in the soul.
We are either moving toward this voice, or moving away from it.
I needed to take an personal inventory of my soul.

When I was young, a little girl actually, I was in tune with this authentic true voice, but I didn't know what it was, nor was I intellectually aware of it, or able to comprehend what it meant. It simply happened intuitively.

As I got older I became affected by all the extraneous crazy making, and crazy makers surrounding me. I trusted my intuition less and less. This took me to a place of chaos and confusion within myself. I lost my way. Instead of guilt, fear, and worry I took action.

Twenty one years ago through God's grace, I was able to find my way back and got reconnected with my true self and to that still small voice and inner vision. And for this I am forever grateful.


Ellen said...

Very recognizable Catherine! it must have felt like a miracle when your life took a turn towards the light. towards your own sacred self
I think I am moving towards my inner place of peace now but it is so hard to not feel guilty when I put myself first. When I take the time to rest without having ticked off all my todo's

Unknown said...

So nice to hear from you Ellen! <3
Yes for sure a miracle as we are all miracles weather we know it or believe it or not.
I think I have shared with you a little affirmation I give myself whenever I am feeling the kind of negative guilt that is useless. Screw guilt I say!

Big Hugs to you ((((Ellen))))