Monday, August 17, 2015

Nine of Cups - Actualizing Goals

The Nine of Cups is always a welcome card to draw. Though it is commonly known as "the wish card" I think of it in terms of a card that addresses my own personal vision in relation to goals. I don't make wishes. I do spend time focusing on goals and how to achieve them.

It helps a lot when I reflect on the goals I've had in the past and how I went about actualizing them. It also inspires and motivates me when I look at what others have done to achieve their goals, and  those who give practical suggestions based on their own experience, strength and hope.

I believe our ability to achieve our goals is directly connected to our personal philosophy.

Writing my goals down on paper and referring to them frequently certainly helps. Ultimately I need to do the work in order to make them a concrete reality, and take the practical steps to make this happen, in order to measure whether these goals have been reached which holds me accountable.

How have you gone about actualizing your goals?

I have learned that my goals need to be:
  • Smart
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound
If I list my top 5 priorities in life, see if there is a mismatch, and get honest with myself, change can happen.

Here are a few wise words from individuals I admire.

" They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. " - Andy Warhol

" Walk and be more present. " - Thoreau 

" Keep a diary. " - Virginia  Woolf

" Make your life wide rather than long. " - Seneca

"Define Yourself. " - Anna Deavere Smith

" Break free from your ego." Alan Watts

" Cultivate a growth mindset" - Carol Dweck

" Turn haters into fans. " - Ben Franklin

" Think rather than know." - Hannah Arendt

" Let go of perfectionism.  - Anne Lamott

" Master critical thinking. " - Carl Sagan

" Get lost to find yourself. " - Rebecca Solnitt 

" Be like water. " -Bruce Lee

" Choose courage over cynicism. " - Maya Angelou

" Cultivate true friendship." -Emerson

"Live by your own standards. " - Elenor Roosevelt

" Each one teach one. " - African Proverb

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