Sunday, April 12, 2015

Two of Cups - Better Take Off Those Rose Coloured Glasses

Eros and Psyche are seen here meeting one another for the first time in the Two of Cups. Psyche is bound and abandoned, left to a certain death in the jaws of a sea monster. She's isolated on that rock in the middle of the ocean and completely unaware of Eros approaching behind her. He is there to kill Psyche, but has inadvertently pricked his finger on one of his arrows, and now has fallen in love with Psyche. So she is assured of both rescue and love. These two are possibly soul mates.

The beginning of a relationship is what's indicated here, or the reconciliation of an already existing relationship, that has undergone difficulty or separation. Blind love could also be the warning here. It is easy to see things through rose coloured glasses in the beginnings of romance.

Sometimes, more often than not in my the daily draw, and/or with individual readings for others, things will be revealed that perhaps we'd rather not address or even hear. We might not want to face what the cards are urging or telling us, because we have to make a decision, take a certain course of action that we'd rather avoid.

Ultimately we are the only ones that can decide what we do with the information that is presented in the cards. I think it might be time for me to do another full reading for myself, because the Two of Cups has thrown me for a bit of a loop emotionally!

Some Tarot readers find it difficult to do their own personal readings, but I usually don't. I find them helpful, and I manage to mostly remain objective. Objectivity is essential when doing your own reading. What is in my mind and thoughts aren't always reality. I like to stick with the facts, based on the studied meanings, my intuition, and correlate each card in relation to one another in the spread, in order to get a complete and comprehensive reading, tying them altogether.


Ellen said...

When we are truly honest it is almost impossible to be biased because internally we always know what the cards mean and although we often find it difficult to accept the truth is revealed the moment you turn over your cards. No use trying to shuffle again because the "wrong" card can me up. :D

Unknown said...

Exactly right Ellen! When I closely study the cards, I sure as shootin' can't change the meaning with a do over! I can't unlearn what is already known, especially meanings that are ancient wisdom.