Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Magician - Let The Adventure Begin!

The powerful energy of the mercurial messenger of the gods, the master of all elements, the Magician is embodied in mythical figure of Hermes, son of Zeus, who directly follows and offers inner guidance, and wisdom to The Fool, through the journey in the Major Arcana. The Fool is about to naively embark upon the journey of life, not knowing what lies ahead, he without the tools needed to help him along, but is neither concerned or fearful.

The Magician has all the tools at his disposal, and his life force energy connected to heaven and the earth which gives him great courage, strength, power, and insight. He is the harbinger of good news, in that he offers and advises The Fool to take hold of these tools, so he will be prepared for life.

However The Fool is innocent, without the experience to know how to make wise choices, and so he continues on his way, not listening to the Magician. The Fool sees the world through rose coloured glasses and magical thinking so to speak, and functions on an instinctual level through his impulsive behaviour, a wild thing really. The Fool is blind, and lacks any tangible insight.

When we are young we can't help but have a naive perception of life, and we are not in control of the future. We need to be prepared by having the right tools, this however comes only through experience. Upon meeting the Magician at the precipice, after leaving the safety of the cave, The Fool clearly knows the journey is possible, and there are many capacities to be explored and developed. The Magician will provide wisdom in all the spheres of life - intellectually, creatively, emotionally and physically. Let the adventure begin!

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