Saturday, April 4, 2015

Knight of Pentacles - Guardian of The Flocks

The Knight of Pentacles who is embodied in the mythic figure Aristaeus, and is called 'Guardian of the Flocks' is on a mission of sorts, in that he is in practical pursuit of knowledge regarding the natural world as he appreciates and loves the earth with all it's creatures big, and small, even the lowly zombie snot worm!

He champions any causes that protect and advance the care and concern for the whole environment, and is committed to having perseverance in following through on anything he starts. This Knight is not a hero but very much the salt of the earth. He embodies so many admirable strengths that we all can aspire to, such as determination, diligence, kindness, gentleness and practical wisdom.

Those who are passionate about the good earth, will relate to this Knight of Pentacles, who trusts in the Earth Mother to bring a bountiful harvest through hard work, and by putting his hands to the plow. His humble, calm attitude allows him to take on situations with wisdom, and to perform the menial tasks of life.

In today's world of the celebrity, many of us think we have to perform or achieve great things in our lives, and we might even long for fame, but there is greatness to be found in the simple menial every day tasks of life, without fanfare, like simply showing up,  manifesting the kind of humble attitude and inner strength, that the Knight of Pentacles exhibits.


Ellen said...

Maybe Knight of Pentacles people are the real hero's of this world!

thesycamoretree said...

If we could just show up and be present with an attentive awareness, what a difference that could make in so many lives!
Love the picture of the baby goat and dog. :)

Unknown said...

I think you are right Ellen! Happy Easter <3

Unknown said...

For sure Bev!
I love big doggies and baby goats!

Happy Easter Bev!