Monday, April 20, 2015

Three of Swords - Lighten Up!

Upon seeing this card initially, of course I have a kind of visceral reaction to it, because well lets face it, the poor dude that has being impaled, is dead in the water, has come to his demise and end of life in a very undignified and gruesome way.

The Three of Swords is the culmination of what went wrong in the Two of Swords, a  kind of paralysis or standstill, dictated by fear, when it comes to making a decision, and moving forward.

This Minor Arcana numbered card, has come to be one of my very favourites, because it isn't about death, it is about life and recovery. It represents the end of a solitary journey of the soul, like Persephone, embodied in the mythic figure of Psyche to descends to the underworld, who has come out the other side transformed, and the healing can now begin. Now the stream of goodness, a new path can be taken, that leads to infinite light, that the individual tries to find a way to share through one's experience, strength, and hope with others.

Though this card may appear dark, and the journey taken may be very daunting, there is an abundance of light to be found at the end of the tunnel.
Humour is the great gift waiting, that we are also given in this transformation. We learn to laugh at ourselves, after having feelings of self-pity, and ego-feeding deceptions. We learn to lighten up, not take ourselves so seriously, and we begin focus on our recovery, and healing.

   “When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness. Instead, keep your head up high and gaze to heaven for that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal.” ~ Author Unknown.

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Ellen said...

For me this card is much like the Ten of Swords: it can't get any worse so it has to get better. :)

Unknown said...

That's a good connection. Oh ya Ten of Swords, utter desolation but things are gonna perk up soon! ;) Hard to imagine when you've got ten swords in your back! HA!

Neopagan Priestess said...

I have a soft spot for the Three of Swords, too, after having used it in a spell for healing years ago after I had a miscarriage. For me, there's a message that we can heal and transform that sorrow into something that will help us grow :)

Unknown said...

Glad to read your insightful comment Kerry, and thank you!

This has always been my experience as well, and in turn can share our experience strength and hope with another who is going through a similar struggle. These experiences can make us more compassionate people.