Friday, January 1, 2016

Three of Cups - What Do You Celebrate?

The Three of Cups augers celebration, accomplishment, joy, love, and the happiness within the soul. The union of Psyche (Soul) and Eros (Love or Desire) is being toasted, by the three water nymphs.

It is a welcome card on this, the first day of the New Year, 2016. For me personally I always look forward to the New Year, new beginnings, new life, and light. It represents a chance to start over. Tomorrow, January 2nd, marks my 22 A.A. recovering anniversary and so it's always an extra celebration, although now, it's all very quiet, and on the down low, much like my New Year's Eve.

My first year A.A. anniversary was the very best in retrospect, because my father and mother were still living, and they came to the open anniversary meeting to celebrate with my very supportive and loving home group. At that time I didn't realize how very special it would become to me as the years past. I feel very grateful to have been so blessed., because many don't have the love and support of family.

Life and love are both full of dreams and expectations when we are young, and are often not so realistic. As we get older our dreams and expectations change, and are more reflected and rooted in reality. I've learned that curiosity is the stuff of what dreams are made of, and though we may be more realistic in our perspective, we can always remain curious which enables our creativity, our dreams and reality, that no longer need to be based on unrealistic expectations. Today I celebrate that, now that my experience has rendered me older, and wiser.

What do you celebrate?

Time to break out the disco!


Ellen said...

First I want to congratulate you on your 22 A.A. recovering anniversary with a Big Hug
This year I want to keep celebrating my creativity which will lead me through many unknown territories:)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. Celebrating creativity! I very honourable pursuit!

It's been a stellar day, I must say! I had Santa's very special brother Joe and his very special Elf deliver, which was completely unexpected, enough wood for Winter! Just awesome!!!

Ellen said...

That is indeed cause for celebration!!!
Warm hugs

Unknown said...

You are right Ellen! And I can hardly wait to get woodin' again tomorrow!