Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wheel of Fortune - Would Life be Easier as a Cat?

 I had the blessing and privilege of doing another reading yesterday, which I am very grateful for. Providing readings for people, gives me the opportunity to practice my skills, and it makes me feel good to know I am providing an important service, that makes a difference in people's lives, including my own.

 Being involved with Tarot over the past eight years has been a great blessing in my life. It has deepened my relationship with myself, with others, and with the God of my own understanding.

 Today fittingly as always, I drew The Wheel of Fortune, the card that addresses how life is a series of good or bad and both.

How I have been experiencing my own wheel of fortune lately, I will spare you to gory details, but the day before yesterday, I had reached a saturation point with things that have been building up over the past month. I do take responsibility for how I contributed to this situation, but none the less, it was so difficult, psychologically and even physically that I was seriously beginning to wonder how I was going to cope with the next few days, and then finally, my prayers were answered yesterday.

 I suddenly went from feeling desperate, discouraged and even physically sick, to feeling elated and happy and so very grateful. The struggles and the blessings that have happened to me over the past month or so, has got me thinking about life and I don't think there is any other card that sums up just what what life is like, than The Wheel of Fortune. It is all about ups and downs, the highs and lows we all experience on our journey.

 Would life be easier if I was a cat? Maybe, my brain certainly would be different, but surely it wouldn't be so interesting. I wouldn't get to experience the phases of life that bring change, a depth of growth and healing, and that always brings with it, many blessings to be so grateful for, but I might get some good belly rubs.


Ellen said...

I am glad life has its way of keeping the balance although it isn't always that obvious.
Praying..why do I keep forgetting it when I need it the most

Unknown said...

No you are right, it sure isn't so obvious when you're in the much and mire of it!

Prayer has been described to me and compared to a bank account. Making the habit of regular deposits makes for enough funds to get you through the lean times. I'd be dead in the water without this regular, now daily habit.