Saturday, June 13, 2015

Five of Cups - "When Bad Things Happen To Good People"

Psyche is beside herself, full of sadness. She is desperate and consumed with fear, after breaking her promise to her husband. All the cups have tipped over spilling onto the floor, but there is one cup left standing and there is the light of the moon that guides the way and points to a better way.

Full of regret and remorse over her past actions, reality has now come crashing in, but she is left with something to work toward, if she chooses to take up the challenge now presented. She can decide to make the commitment to a brighter future.

Many years ago, I asked a wise woman the question that is similarly posed in Harold Kushner's book When Bad Things Happen To Good People; why it seems to go, that so many really good people have more than there share of tragedy, and others don't seem have much difficulty in life at all, and behaving very badly. In retrospect,  I don't think life is pain free for anyone, even though from a distance it may appear that certain folks live a charmed, and lucky life

My wise friend, who had been through so much in her life, shared with me, that when people struggle with burdensome problems, and when tragic events happen, it can make them compassionate souls, who have a depth of character, that might be lacking in those who have not experienced difficult events or loss. I think this can be true. I would add that with these events comes knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Otherwise there is a naivety and perhaps a lack of compassion, understanding and knowledge. It is hard to relate to another if you haven't had a similar experience.

When I am going through some kind of painful circumstance what comforts me is knowing I am not alone, even though it may feel this way, there is always another in the world who has gone through a similar thing, or worse, and if they can share what has happened to them with someone else who is suffering in some way, and shares how they coped, it really helps a lot.

In the end we all have to decide what we need and want to do, in order to cope with these problematic experiences and situations. We decide whether to embrace, resist or run away. Ultimately we can't escape reality without doing some kind of damage to ourselves and or hurting others, especially those we love.

It is tempting to say to ourselves "if only". This results in staying stuck in regret, perhaps remorse, and self-pity. We will never find contentment, happiness or move forward if we choose to stay in the problem. We are only guaranteed to repeat the same mistakes again.  At some point we just have to let go, and take a leap of faith, and have courage.


Ellen said...

Great post and great quote! I have asked myself the same question? Why me, why us? But like you I've learned to accept life as it is and to embrace it with it's ups and downs. In retrospect I am grateful for every experience because they have made me for who I am today and I am grateful for that too
P.S. I've drawn this card yesterday for myself too! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. I loved it too. I'd never heard it before.
Embracing life on life's terms for me has made the difference.
We have that synchronicity a lot! Love when that happens! <3