Friday, June 19, 2015

The Hanged Man - A Broken Spirit and Contrite Heart

Any of us who have an interest or a passion for Tarot, remembers our first reading. It seems to leave an indelible impression on us either positive or negative or both.  This certainly was very true for me,

When I was first introduced to Tarot, many years ago, the reasons I had for wanting to a reading were pretty serious in retrospect. I was keeping a secret from people and somehow knew in the very marrow of my bones, this situation I found myself in was not going to end well. I was in denial, refused to trust my intuition, and pushed through to it's conclusion , which shook the very foundations of my confidence in the belief my ability to make good choices and right decisions. I no longer believed in myself and felt happiness was forever going to elude me.

My reading did not indicate specifically the answers I was looking for, but not being completely open, and honest with my question, I now see  this was the reason I did not get a lot of specifics.

The one card I remember in my reading that really bothered me at the time, was The Hanged Man. I thought it was ominous and full of dread. However the answer I was looking for was to be found within this card, which urged me to take a step back and distance myself from everyday concerns. Little did I realize at the time how much I needed to do this because my vision was completed obstructed in so many ways.

The most significant message I took away from this reading was from The Hanged Man. The long and the short of it was I was so broken from my circumstance, and in the long run it became my most important life lesson. I had sacrificed so much in just about every way and thought I'd gained nothing, however I was very wrong. I learned so much about myself, how to give of myself but not loose parts of my my soul in the process. My spirit was broken and my heart contrite for the things that I had done, or failed to do. My sacrifice became a gift of strength and insight over time, and I am very grateful.

Many of us don't realized the significance of a reading until weeks months or perhaps even years later. There are answers to our questions in our readings but they may not be clearly visible to us at the time due to our present state of mind. We may be myopic, and lacking insight, because we are so wrapped up in our situational events. This is why it is important to take that step back to do an inventory of the ourselves and what is really going on in our lives.

This card does not turn up for me often in my daily draw, or in readings that I do for others, but when it does, I pay close attention to decipher the meaning and message found within the most paradoxical and mysterious of cards.


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Ellen said...

This card was my Embrace card for this lunation. Taking that step back and letting go of control can provide such a profound shift in perception.
I know how it is to be blinded from reason and ethos and to avoid reality. In the end we had to accept and quit the denial but we've become so much more wiser and stronger in doing so. Often we learn the most of our darkest hours