Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Hierophant - How Faith Can Inspire You To Expect Miracles

The Hierophant is both the teacher, healer, and the wise sage. He offers us a blessing, wisdom and healing. Educated by the Sun god Apollo, and Artemis the Moon god. Chiron is the King of the centaurs because of his great spiritual wisdom, and intuitive knowledge of the Creator's law.

Although Chiron is The Wounded Healer due to his own accidental injury, that he bares eternally because he is immortal, this has enabled him to have great compassion, and understanding for the pain, and suffering of others.

He teaches us to also have compassion  toward ourselves, and urges us to embrace both our humanity, and our divinity. This symbolic divinity is not about any particular religious system of belief, but  finding our own relationship with the God of our understanding, where we embark on our own philosophical and spiritual quest, as this life is not so much for the body, but for the soul.

When I reflect on the meaning of this card, that I have drawn today, what comes to mind, is the reminder of the Hierophant's blessing, I can expect healing miracles of change in my life daily, and in the lives of others, if  have faith.

Entering the world of the spirit or spiritual life, is not a theory, I have to live it. Having the goal of spiritual growth, means I'll never have spiritual perfection, but I can have spiritual progress, and living with an affirmative attitude, I can expect miracles.


Ellen said...

I like it how Chiron as the Hierofant is so much more all encompassing than the RW version. The main thing is not what you believe but that you embrace a spiritual understanding of life.
I love the quote! It so urges us to live in the moment where the magic happens

Unknown said...

Thank you Ellen. Yes me too!