Saturday, February 11, 2017

Six of Pentacles - The Generousity of Hope

 The Six of Pentacles is a harmonious card. embodying King Minos, generously offering Daedalus his six golden coins, that reflects the renewal of faith, and faith in life and one's capacities.

Growth, generousity, giving and charity are all represented in the Six of Pentacles. This card has great personal significance to me. My late husband taught me so much about the meaning of generousity. I could attribute his Metis heritage to his generous heart as generousity is considered one of the core values of Indigenous cultures, but we all have the choice to live our lives with a generous heart, that will truly bring happiness.

In the Western world we have lost our way. Capitalism is the default and though we live in a democracy these two perspectives are sorely at odds with one another, where greed over rides any basic democratic values, such as human rights, and freedom.

It's a well know reality that it's difficult to give what you don't have already for yourself. However if we're feeling so overwhelmed by problems there is nothing that will help us grow more then helping someone else.

Generousity gives us hope. Without generousity, this opens the door to cynicism and hopelessness.


Ellen said...

Generosity is beneficial for both parties: the receiving and the giving one
You can only give if you feel you have enough to share. This feeling causes us to experience gratitude and abundance

Unknown said...

I wished we lived in a world where human being understood that.
I believe many who have nothing still have the generousity of heart and that often means more than anything. If we give without that true intention of generousity to help another out of love, it's hollow for us.

I think I can compare it to prayer. The desire to pray, in spite of feeling like you can't is prayer in itself, and this is what the Creator expects.