Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Eight of Pentacles - The Apprentice

No I'm not talking about you know who, Donald Trump on the Apprentice! Definitely not, but Donald Trump's got a few things in common with Daedalus, who was extremely prideful, jealous, cold heart-ed, impulsive, quick tempered and I suspect very sleep deprived.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of change, education and engagement and here we see Daedalus in the role of the apprentice. He's dedicated to working at his craft and he conscientiously applies himself to achieve the skills he needs to be successful and happy. But I ask, is he really happy?

Being conscientious does relate to every aspect of our lives, but we aren't human doings, we are human beings. Though it's essential I believe, to love what you do and do what you love, but more importantly if we love the essence of who we are, embracing the positive and the negative characteristics within our being, it's not only reflected in all that we do and how we live life, but is very evident and reflected especially in our relationships with others.

We aren't simply going to be fulfilled and happy by doing what we love to do if our relationships are not fulfilled and happy, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

So on this Saint Valentine's Day remember to love yourself, love others and love the God of your own understanding.


Ellen said...

A great reminder my friend not to keep ticking of those boxes when the heart isn't in it. But when this feeling gets the upper-hand for too long, then it is time "to fake it until you make it" :)

Unknown said...

Funny, that saying 'fake it til you make it' came to mind when I was writing this post Ellen. Too many of us live this way I think, ignoring our heart for the so called pragmatic or "sensible" thing that eventually leaves our heart empty and unfulfilled.