Friday, February 3, 2017

Page of Wands - A Gentle Kick in the Butt

This card the Page of Wands has come up twice in five days. When this happens, drawing the same card, initially I get a little frustrated because I just posted the same card. But, I know there's some kind of message for me and because Pages are messengers, I'd better pay attention.

This means digging a little deeper and taking a personal inventory of the positive and the negative. It's time to take a closer look at the areas in our life, examining some of the positive and looking at our character defects, that perhaps we're not quite ready or want to change.

 As I'd stated in a previous post about the Page of Wands, it is a card about personal creative growth, moving forward, with action and enthusiastic discovery. It's a good thing to nip things in the bud that you are already aware of, so as to prevent  more serious problems that might be harder to overcome in the future, and to build upon our existing strengths. I've learned a lot of hard lessons that way, but wished I could have found a ways to have avoided cutting my nose off to spite my face sometimes, but I don't regret my past.

The discoveries we make might be found out the hard way, but hopefully we learn an important lesson. We're the ones who ultimately decide what action we're going to take to improve our situations or if we'll stagnate in a regressive way.
That said, I've learned not to be judgemental, and to be sure that I extend compassion toward myself, like I would any one else, because progress is the goal not perfection.

So I'll contemplate this card today as I think the Page of Wands is an encouraging good kick in the butt.

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