Sunday, August 28, 2016

Death- Transformative Experiences

I rarely get this card in my daily draw, although lately it's been making an appearance and it always gets my attention. In spite of infrequently drawing this card it makes sense to me today as it speaks of transformation, a kind of out with the old, and in with the new pretext, which is exactly where I am presently  in my life. It's both exciting and daunting simultaneously, that directly involves my creative goals and objectives.

Transforming experiences are brought about via internal or external forces, but ultimately it is our responsibility to decide what to do in response to the circumstances in which we find ourselves. I always try hard to work with what I've got, and my out look is to take an optimistic, hopeful and trusting stance, regardless of the situation, be it positive or negative.

 The power of our mind can never be underestimated in it's ability to transform the quality of our lives.

Skeleton Woman - Egg Tempera on Wood - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

Long time no see. Good to have you back :D

Unknown said...

Awe thank you Ellen. You make me feel appreciated! I've been concentrating and actively participating in my creative enterprise and trying hard to clarify my creative objectives and goals through a daily writing exercise.

Ellen said...

Excaveting the soul.,, yes journaling is an amazing tool for that

Unknown said...

Excavating the soul, now that's an excellent description Ellen! Change happens when you commit things to paper. That's been my experience, and it's a way to own your history.