Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Seven of Wands - Are You Ready To Rumble?

I've never been a fighter in that I never beat anyone up, and was ever interested in that sort of thing. Although I loved to watch wrestling on TV with my dad, and we lived close to Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto and we'd actually go see wrestlers like Sweet Daddy Seeky and The Beast.

 When I arrived in the small home town I was born in, after living in Ontario for 15 years I took serious notice of one thing. The young teen aged girls were physically fighting with one another. It was very strange and a little scary. I felt like a powerless underdog, but my actions reflected my creative intuition that were my weapons of choice, if I was ever confronted, and this resulted in a peaceful outcomes. I also found humour was often disarming or I could simply walk away and vote with my feet.

I'm a fighter when it comes to trying to overcome fear, or when certain challenges present themselves  I force myself to persevere and I try to remain calm. It's a good feeling when I can overcome whatever it is I'm struggling with in stressful situations.

I spent the last week fighting with my printer and finally figured out how to get it working properly. This isn't a spectacular kind of accomplishment but if I can fight those little frustrating day to day challenges, I see it as a kind of creative practice. These scenarios give me the opportunity to practice patience, and to have the trust to have faith, that I can overcome, and it gives me the opportunity to increase my perseverance.  These are all the things I pray for in my life.

The Seven of Wands represents the underdog who is victorious through perseverance and faith. It not about competing with anyone, but ourselves.

Chris Hogan, Will Sasso, and Aries Spears play El Asso Wipo, Señor Bag of Crap, and El Diablo Negro, the Mexican wrestlers.

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