Sunday, May 8, 2016

Six of Pentacles - Let The Mothers Step Up


Being Mother's Day, the Six of Pentacles is a very appropriate card to draw today. This card symbolizes generousity, harmony, and renewal of faith.

These ideals and qualities are imparted to us by the models and mentors in our lives, in particular our mothers, if they step up to the challenge. They can be powerfully influential, helping us to grow personally and in turn we generously pass this on through our own example in kindness and compassion toward others.We learn to give unconditionally and are rewarded with a deep sense of harmony and peace within ourselves, and hopefully within our world.


Ellen said...

I wish my mother had also passed the importance of self love to me :D

Unknown said...

It's certainly is such an important gift to pass on Ellen.

My grandmother had a hard time with this as she couldn't impart this to my mother. But perhaps through the love of her father (my grandfather) this helped her, but it isn't quiet the same as this kind of mother's nurturing for girl children. I think my mother was acutely aware of this and made certain she would do her very best to impart that love of self to me, but believe me I suffered with the belief that I wasn't lovable for a long time, and that came from an absentee alcoholic father.

I've read many times that it is our fathers that give us our spiritual insight. I'm not sure about that.

I learned to re-parent myself in many ways. And when we reach our adult years this is what we have to do. Lots of reading and recovery for me is what got me through, and continues to do so.

<3 I hope you had a lovely loving Mother's Day Ellen <3 BIG HUGS <3

Ellen said...

Maybe next year we could celebrate our inner mother too!!

Unknown said...

Why wait till next year! But if more people realized we do have an inner mother to celebrate wouldn't that be great! The world would be a better place!