Monday, May 16, 2016

Judgement - Eeek Mummy!

Whoa! After seeing all those wrapped up mummies the first time I saw this card, this was my reaction. My first impression was to think about extreme thinking about a final judgement, hell and damnation that much of our western religions have been inundated with historically. This kind of extremism is full of judgement, guilt and shame, which does nothing to foster real change in a positive way.

The meaning found in this Major Arcana Judgment is not in reference to extremes but simply to remember that there are natural consequences to the behaviour and choices we make in life.  As well transformation and renewal of life is also symbolized in this card, indicating the hope for new beginnings, that emerges out of the past, where we can be true to ourselves after taking a kind of personal inventory.


Ellen said...

Yesterday I had heard a Tibetan Buddhist monk comparing our Western judgment day with the enlightenment of Buddhism. I definitely prefer that last option :)

Unknown said...

Oh boy Ellen,you and me both! That would have been interesting to listen too.