Thursday, May 19, 2016

Queen of Swords - You Don't See Her Tears

This Queen of Swords is classy, perceptive and a person of influence. She maintains her composure and grace under pressure during times of duress. She has an inner strength that I greatly admire, and I identify with her in many ways. Embodying the mythic figure of Atalanta, she relates to life from a rational, seemingly detached outlook and an untouchability of the mind. In spite of this, her deep emotion can not be underestimated. She has a strong sense of justice and compassion for others, that is of a result of her own life experiences.

It is often thought that men are the ones who bare up under difficult circumstances, showing that proverbial stiff upper lip, giving the impression they're the strong ones, however this is not always true. I saw this with my own parents who suppressed emotions, and this imparted onto me.

I have known and do know many women who are great examples of strength and have coped with such tragic circumstances. They are wonderful examples of what it means to be a strong compassionate human being. That said, I don't want to confuse suppression of emotion with strength.

 Men and women can both suppress emotion for long periods of time and even in to years so that it has become their way of interacting with the world. This isn't a positive modes-operand because eventually this suppression is transmuted into repression and often the effects our health can be very detrimental.


Ellen said...

I've been the "strong"one for much too long and I still live with the consequences of this. There is no shame admitting something is too much.
P.S. If men were the stronger sex they would be able to bare children :)

Unknown said...

I sure empathize Ellen. It took me until my adulthood before I realized I didn't have to be strong all the time, and it was perfectly normal and alright to be weak. I had to be told this, before I could figure it out, accept it, and then finally gave myself permission to do so.

For sure lol! Thye's die if they had to deliver!
I used to torment my ex and ask him how he'd feel if he had his menses every month and had to gear up all his riggin'! He didn't much like the idea...for some reason! But then again he was afraid of cows! LOL