Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nine of Cups - A Desire In My Heart

As my favourite song writer Bruce Cockburn said in his song about good and bad days, "Some days I walk on diamonds, some days I walk stones. "
It made me feel good today to draw this Wish Card, the Nine of Cups, after spending a few days of anxiety and frustration. It's a good reminder to stay calm, and stop projecting or what I call awfulizing, which is such a waste of energy, and makes things worse.

Being grateful, even when if I feel a dryness or poverty in spirit, and simply having a desire in my heart, or a wish to pray, is a prayer.The desire in your heart is what matters, regardless of what you, or someone else are going through. For me praying is hope actualized

It's easy to get myopic, not seeing the forest for the trees, and getting all caught up in our own problems. We all need to help each other in whatever ways we can.When I can pray for others whether I realize it or not, I can often receive more that what I could ever give. I believe prayer is a very powerful too, no matter how you do it, no matter how you define it. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself or for others is pray, and sometimes it's all you can do.


Ellen said...

"awfulizing" this says it all. I agree it is all in our mind and we are the only ones who can change our perception!
When prayer fills the heart there is no room for anxiety!
I've recently bought the Mother Mary Oracle and it is such a loving and gentle deck. Especially when you are in need of some comfort and assurance. For me Mother Mary is a very compassionate aspect of the Divine Feminine.

Unknown said...

True words Ellen! Mother Mary Oracle sounds very comforting and assuring.

You'd laugh at me if you saw what I've been doing to get my mouse to work! Everything short of swinging it round my head like a lassoo!

Two things tomorrow first on my list I've found exactly what I need when I am mouse challenge or without power.

1. Pray
2.. New mouse, maybe two
3. Wind up radio for when I loose power.

The last two things I have a hard time living without! But first and foremost prayer has got to be at the top of my list!

Ellen said...