Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nine of Cups - Wishes - Dreams - Prayers

The Wish  Card is what the Nine of Cups is often called.

We all make wishes and it's something that we learn about as soon as we find ourselves in front of a Birthday cake, or scrambling to be the first one to find that wish bone from the turkey, to dry that wish bone, and make  our wish with someoner, holding on with our pinky fingers.

We wish on that star light, star bright, the first star we see tonight, in the sky patiently waiting for us to wish upon that star. It a magical time, of magical thinking. This is our creative imagination and what dreams are made of.

I remember a certain very imaginative little girl, who was so excited to show me the dew on the lawn, where she'd said she found the Faerie houses one early morning. It's a beautiful thing to live in this magical childlike, world when we believe  that wishes come true. When I was little , I so wanted to go to that land where Peter Pan went, and to fall into the looking glass of Alice's.

I'd never want to take this magic away from children or from anyone, ever, because this is where hope lies.
As we age, or even when we are much too young the harsh realities of life come crashing in. We can however, still hold tight to those wishes and even some magical thinking, and balance these with reality. Wishes for me have become prayers, though I'm certain in my heart of hearts, where that little inner child lives, I still make wishes, and believe they can come true.

Lately I've been thinking  and reading about Tiny Houses, and imagining what it would be like designing, building and living in one. I'm not sure I could do this full time, but I would dearly love to have a wagon to pull around in the summer, with my vehicle or maybe with a team of horses, Canadian beauties, custom made, to look like mobile Tarot Vardo Wagon. That's my wish, my dream, my prayer..

As a kid I'd always longed, dreamed and wished for a horse. Then as I got older I wished , dreamed and prayed for a horse, because I loved everything about being around them. I did fulfill that wish, and dream of being around horses. It came true, and my prayer was answered. The dream had to be adapted for financial reasons, but I worked hard to make it reality. I worked with and rode horses for a two years. It was really hard work, but something I never regretted for a minute. It was one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of my life and I cherish the memory.

It's important to have wishes, that become dreams, that become prayers, and that's were the magic happens and where magic becomes reality.


Ellen said...

Great post. Somehow it think the older I get the easier it is for me to dream and have wishes again, as if there is more space and time to do so.
I would love to live in such a tiny house pulled by a horse ( childhood dream of me too) and ride all by myself over the heath and trough the forest . But a small cabin on the heath is also oke. I am not that picky :)

Unknown said...

I think you are right Ellen I find this too to be true. Thank you for sharing your dream. Very lovely to hear. <3