Saturday, October 3, 2015

Knight of Pentacles -The Good Steward

 Here is an individual who has a strong curiosity about the natural world, who loves to work and walk the good earth through forest, field and stream. He honours the earth, his home, and he feels a natural bond and kinship with the environment. He believes humans have a moral obligation to be good stewards of the earth. Understanding the interconnection between all living things, this gives him an insightful, steadfast wisdom, and an ability to live his life in a self-sustaining, self-sufficient manner.

 He would be your contemporary horse whispering farmer, that has immersed himself in learning about the principles of permaculture or organic farming, while loving all creatures big or small, be they wild or domesticated..

 The Knight of Pentacles being a very benevolent soul, loves nothing more than protecting and providing for others, and believes in sharing whatever he has to give, without any expectation in return..

 He has a deep sense of loyalty, faithfulness, and persistence to live life with the courage of his convictions, showing kindness toward everyone, which endears him to all who encounter him. This Knight is greatly respected, and loved for everything and all that he does, and for the honourable man that he is.

Hounouring  The Trees - Catherine Meyers


Ellen said...

He would be the perfect husband: reliable loving and caring, handy and strong. And perhaps he has some hidden passion only to be discovered by his one true love..💜☺

Unknown said...

Ellen you read my mind! Lol mmmm would love to find out that hidden passion! Alas I'm relegated to my imagination only. But there's always hope for the hopeless! ;)

Ellen said...

There is nothing wrong with a sublime fantasy. Maybe if he was real we would get bored with him to soon. I treasure my independence a lot :D

Unknown said...

That is more that likely, but I might be jaded! They always look better from a distance, especially in our sublime imagination! ;)