Friday, October 23, 2015

The High Priestess - My Higher Self

I'm happy to have those days when I am my higher self, and so it was a affirming card to draw today, The High Priestess. My higher-self doesn't just happen on it's own much of the time, I have to work at it, pray, meditate, and have a willingness, even a willingness to be willing, when I can't seem to get out of my own way. I am learning that, that inner goddess is there within me at all times, and I am learning to be kind toward myself.

 For me it takes resolve and some persistence to face and walk through the change of seasons from Fall to Winter.
This week I've finally had more time to myself and honestly have been trying to stave off thoughts of the Winter. And so I just made up my mind today to live in the present moment. I chose to do those things that help me to enjoy the Fall, enjoying the air, the sunsets and sunrises, making bread, and salsa with the tomatoes from my garden.

Today I got my hands into the good earth one more time, and dug up my crop of potatoes and earlier I pickled beets. These activities though they can feel physically taxing, nonetheless help me to feel connected with the elements, and spiritually I magnify these experiences, and am inspired by them. They give me an inner peace and strength.

I will say I miss my dog especially in the Fall, because we used to go for long walks into the woods. So now I walk alone, but not so much in the woods. Fortunately I have enough property to walk through the fields and down to the river, sit on a rock and listen to The High Priestess.


Fall In Apple River
Blue Seamus My Coonhound


Ellen said...

I am sorry to hear you miss your dog so much. I think it is wise not to go into the forest on you own.Are you considering to get another doggyfriend some day?
This post is a wonderful blend of High Priestess and Empress energy!

Unknown said...

Yes I was nervous after one time hearing a really weird loud animal noise when Blue Seamus and I were walking up the loggin' road. I wasn't long turning around!

I have cats right now and soon as they go well perhaps I get another dog.

Thank you Ellen <3 As you know two of my very favourite cards, The High Priestess and The Empress.