Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Queen of Wands - Beautiful Strong Woman

The Queen of Wands represents having the purpose, mission and goals to aspire to be all that I can be as a creative person. She is a woman of action and focus. She strategically uses methods to actualize her objectives in order to realize her goals. Her purpose and mission directly reflects her values and what she stands for and against.

I think she is my favourite Queen, being spirited and inventive with a strong creative imagination that sustains her chosen goals. Today is the perfect day to draw this card.

Penelope is the embodied mythic figure here who is influential, full of vibrancy, exuberance and holds faith in her intuition and heart. She has a deep conviction that all will turn out right in the end.

Penelope as the Queen of Wands becomes the warmth of the hearth fire, and has been called the Sunshine Lady, bringing light and love to the people around her. She is the ancient image of the 'superwoman'. That said, she is not the type to chase after rainbows or fantasies, but has a down to earth practical stability. She  who is self-contained, and is a beautiful strong woman with, tireless energy.


Ellen said...

She is the only queen who I find it difficult to connect with. She is outgoing and bold and direct and so many things I am not. Her creative side could be a door to visit her once in while to see if we can get along.... :)

Unknown said...

Really Ellen? Honestly I would never have guessed that! I think you might find you have much more in common with her than you think. It's certainly the way I perceive you to be in many ways.

Ellen said...

Maybe she is my blind spot :D

Unknown said...

I strongly suspect that! When we have 'issues' with certain cards, I believe there is a message there for us to uncover. This is always my experience. There are no 'bad' cards.