Monday, November 9, 2015

Six of Wands - I Need a Professional!

We all have a basic need for recognition. But sometimes you just have to give yourself some positive affirmations for a good effort done, no matter how big or small the job, and no matter if it's far from perfect, because there might not be anyone else around to tell you, hey that's a good effort!

The Six of Wands speaks of this recognition and simultaneously needing to remember their are still challenges ahead to overcome, and accomplishments to be made in the days to come.

I had to patch up my ceiling, and I mean patch, in a back room were there was a lot of draft coming in, and I needed to get it fixed before the Winter arrives.

Oh boy, I don't even try to be miss fix it, but I do what I can, and it will have to do, until I can afford to get my ceiling fixed.  I am waiting on hearing about a home heating grant.

When you are single, you have to either do it yourself, or depend on someone else's help, and this can be very frustrating, discouraging and humbling on so many levels. And so, whatever I can get done,I do it sooner, or later. But it isn't always easy, and there are a lot of things I just can't fix. If any one could see my ceiling right now, they'd laugh, but hey, the draft is gone! Well most of it any way.

I just came in from the mail. I found a letter in my mail box with some very encouraging news that I really needed to hear! I will be getting a home energy grant to get my ceiling fixed! In the meantime I'm glad I managed to do an amateur "fix up", for now until I can get it my ceiling repaired, cause I need a professional!


Ellen said...

Congrats on the good news. I think you are a very confident woman to do all these things by your self. I can relate to how it feels to have to depend on someone else to do your home repairs. My husband used to do all these things. Luckily we know somebody who helps us out for a very reasonable hourly wages.

Unknown said...

Thanks Ellen. Well I don't feel really confident about some of the things I try to fix, but I do it any way. Feels great when it turns out to work!

I was really happy when I found that letter in my mail box. I thought they'd forgotten about me. But you know the way the bureaucracy operates. Now I really have to get some cleaning done!

It's great you have someone to help you at reasonable rates. Living in a rural area here you can find that depending on what you need done. But the thing is to get it done right! That's the challenge!